Helmet MET Forte XL White

Helmet MET Forte XL White

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CONSTRUCTION In-mould Intelligent Fusion: Different densities of material, depending on the characteristics of each model. The polycarbonate shell wraps the bottom of the helmet towards the inside of the shell.

SIZE ADJUSTER Safe-T Duo: the new retention system for sport level helmets offers easy on the head adjustment vertically and horizontally for the perfect fit. As standard on all of Met's helmets, the retention features a full 360 degrees retention ring which fits around the head bringing unparalleled comfort with a very secure fit. The padded cradle provides great comfort at the back of the head.

SIZES  62 cm (L size)!

STRAPS Lateral dividers: Positioning them correctly, then blocking them in the chosen position is child’s play.

COMFORT Cocoon Internal Padding: Larger surface of contact with the head. Anti-allergenic fabric. Hand washable. A padded cradle means high comfort for the back of the head.